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The vocoder—part military technology, part musical instrument—has had quite a history. In The New Yorker’s new Object of Interest video, we explore the vocoder in settings ranging from the Second World War to Kraftwerk parties, featuring interviews with Laurie Anderson, Cozmo D, Dave Tompkins, and Frank Gentges. 

Jax Jones - Go Deep 

it’s never too late to have a bucket list

Louis La Roche - The Way She Makes Me Feel [mp3 SoundCloud] 

LLR is back with two EP’s and an album ready for release.

Dusty Cassette EP is a concept piece, playing respect to the late 1980’s. The 5-track release is a time capsule in sound, warm retro synths and funky guitars remind the listener of a time forgotten.

Gritty and rough around the edges, the EP sounds like an 80’s cassette ahead of it’s time. To celebrate, Louis is giving away an exclusive sixth track The Way She Makes Me Feel

Dusty Cassette EP is out on Ever After Records August 19th (Bandcamp) and September 16th (iTunes).

SuperSlicer for TRAKTOR DJ

as we told you already TRAKTOR DJ 1.5 update is out now, and this is the übercool SuperSlicer mode we mentioned

Satin Jackets - Foreign Affair EP 

out now via Eskimo Recordings

Traktor DJ just been updated to 1.5, these are the new features:
- History playlists- Beatgrid Mode Improvements - Superslicer mode (in-app purchase, 1,79 EUR) 
The superslicer mode is really funky! Get it!

Traktor DJ just been updated to 1.5, these are the new features:

- History playlists
- Beatgrid Mode Improvements 
- Superslicer mode (in-app purchase, 1,79 EUR) 

The superslicer mode is really funky! Get it!


MIXTAPE MONDAYS by MOARRR is our quest to help you to find the best DJ mixes. It’s like Illegal Sunday, but with dj mixes, mixtapes, recordings of live DJ sets. We compile them to a handy playlist, so you can share it and find it easily.

It’s a really huge dose of good vibes, more than 10 hours. Listen it all day, come back to it tomorrow or the day after. It’s your secret music stash for the week.

The rules are the same, we pick the best mixes from the recent days, but you can also SUBMIT YOURS HERE. All genres are welcome, but the mix has to be fresh and unique. 

The Moon - Blow The Speakers (Mumbai Science Edit) [mp3 SoundCloud] 

Mumbai Science have done a wicked acid-inspired edit of The Moon’s Blow Your Speakers, and they are giving it away for free too!

Illegal Sunday 078

This week we have some classic hits, chopped, tweaked and bastardized like you never heard them before. Most of them are edits and unofficial remixes, and this makes us a little sad. What happened to mashups? We haven’t heard a proper one in ages. Send us yours if you think you made one.

So, here is your weekly dose of mashups, bootlegs and edits, the new episode of our notorious Illegal Sunday series. 

Share, like, tweet, reblog, you know what to do.
Get and give, you know ;)

Do you wanna see your edit, remix, mashup featured next time? SUBMIT IT HERE, doesn’t matter if we ‘know’ each other or not ;)

Our picks for this week are after the jump, or in other words, here are the best mashups, edits and unofficial remixes of these days.

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Duke Dumont - Won’t Look Back (Remixes) 

Ahead of the release of his new single Won’t Look Back on August 24th on Blasé Boys Club, Duke Dumont has shared a 5 track remix EP of the track, featuring Special Request (aka Paul Woolford), Star Slinger, Shadow Child, Last Mgapie and Blasé Boys Club signee Jax Jones. 

The remix EP was curated by Duke himself and offers five diverse and adventurous takes on the track, from gritty UKG house (Shadow Child) to dub-inflicted breakbeat (Last Magpie), rave-addled tech-house (Special Request), blissed-out Balearica (Star Slinger) and jacking piano house (Jax Jones).

Royksopp & Robyn - Monument (Kindness mix feat. Busiswa) 

following the superb video, here are two equally superb remixes

Royksopp & Robyn - Monument (Mark E Remix)