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This week’s even MOARRR was compiled by The Young Punx

Hal Ritson, the music mastermind of the band compiled his fave tunes, and we chatted with him about their creative collective, what’s it like to work with gigastars as dayjob and their forthcoming new album.

MOARRR: The Young Punx is much more than a band, as far as we know it’s more like a creative collective, a group of talents from different worlds of art. What is the concept, is there any?
THE YOUNG PUNX: Well the heart of the act is the classic DJ / Producer duo. I am the the multi-instrumentalist producer, and physically ‘make’ most of the music and Nathan Taylor (former A&R at Positiva) is the DJ / club culture input. At its heart The Young Punx is about combining different genres of music with different styles of club production and me and Nathan really supply these 2 sides.
But where the act differs from many dance production duos is that The Young Punx is also a collective of very diverse musicians form lots of different background who regularly appear on our records and in our live shows, meaning our music is full of amazing different musical performances that are played live not sampled, with lots of different attitudes and approaches.
The regular team includes percussionist Simon Bettison, who is an integral part of our live show, guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan, drummer Alex Reeves, our regular brass section, members of the Heritage Orchestra and many more. They turn up regularly on our records, at our larger live shows, and in fact pretty much all of us worked together to form the live band for all Dizzee Rascal’s gigs where he performs with live musicians.
We also have various guest vocalists who turn up including Amanda Palmer, Peaches, Count Bass D and Laura Kidd (She Makes War).

MOARRR: Tell us about your label, MofoHifi. Is it like an extended version of The Young Punx?.
THE YOUNG PUNX: Our label MofoHifi is very much integrated into The Young Punx. It was founded by, and continues to be run by, The Young Punx and our management, and it enables us to express our interests in current music via sounds that other people are making, as well as those we make directly ourselves. Our specialisation is in spotting unknown electronic producers who we feel have real musical genius lurking in them and helping develop their sound. We have been integral in signing and developing great acts like Phonat, Bobby Tank, Alizzz and DiscoSocks.
Our label and our DJing are very closely related - we wouldn’t sign it if we wouldn’t DJ it, and when we play out we like to be presenting the MofoHifi catalog as much as The Young Punx.
We also have a sub label Heavy Disco which specialises in NuDisco and Turbofunk.

MOARRR: You (Hal) are working with many many famous artists as a producer, can you give us some hints who you worked with and what was role exactly? Producing for other artists is effecting the sound of TYP in any ways?
THE YOUNG PUNX: The list of artists I have worked with is ridiculously long. I am in the small print of over 400 major dance tracks, in some kind of a performance, production or writing role. In the past month tracks can come out I have co-written for Rizzle Kicks, Chase and Status and Pusha T / Kanye West.
But I really see it as a totally different thing from The Young Punx.
When I am working for someone else THEY are the artist and the creative vision is theirs. It is just my job to help them achieve their own vision with them 100% in charge.
The Young Punx is the opposite. It is my pet project why I can do what the hell I want with no concern for what anybody else thinks I should do! As a result it is very personal and has a level of integrity to it, but can also be rather eccentric!

MOARRR: You have strong connections with mashups as art form, you even released some officially…
THE YOUNG PUNX: Well The Young Punx started out around the time that mashup music was really taking off, and the act has always been focussed on the mashup mentality of combining radically different styles and seeing what the result is.
Our initial DJ mixes always consisted of us playing about 5 different tracks at the same time just to see what happened.
But the A + B mashup of other people’s music is a rather limiting art form, fun though it can be (or even highly artistic in the case of someone like Phil Retrospector’s work). We have tried to extend the mashup concept but using all original music, usually by recording new tracks in fully vintage styes, then sampling our own work, to make tracks with the aesthetic of mashup music, but all generated from original music.

MOARRR: Tell us about your selection…
THE YOUNG PUNX: Our track selection is basically an introduction to our ‘scene’. Its music by us and our friends, mostly on our own labels giving a flavour of what we listen to and play within our own social group. There is a core of good times disco house and funk that is our party soundtrack, but also a lot of exploratory artistic electronica by the likes of Phonat, Bobby Tank and Alizzz.

MOARRR: What’s next for The Young Punx?
THE YOUNG PUNX: Our latest track Harlem Breakdown is just being released this month. Its a classic example of our ‘original mashup’ philosophy where we recorded our full live band playing funk on original 70s equipment to make a ‘sample that never was’ then remixed our own ‘vintage’ sample.
Its the beginning of the build up to the release of our third album “All These Things Are Gone” which we will be releasing in early 2014, and there is a LOT of new Young Punx music coming your way over the coming months, including an amazing 30s big band extravaganza with a 2 minute drum solo (Kowloon Kickback) and the epic 14 minute long title track! It’s full of surprises.

MOARRR: Complete the sentence: I want MOARRR … because …
THE YOUNG PUNX: I want MOARRR SUNSHINE because my studio is underground!!!

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