even MOARRR by DJ Schmolli


even MOARRR is our new weekly compilation series.
We post a new episode on MOARRR every Friday, compiled by different producers, DJs we love.

They collect their current TOP 20 tracks for you, plus answer few questions about this and that. In other words, this is the soundtrack of your weekend.

This week’s even MOARRR was compiled by our man, the one and only DJ Schmolli. He is not only a great friend and a supertalented DJ, but also one of the key figures of the mashup scene. 

We asked him to compile his current fave tracks for you, and we also asked few things from him about … mashups and the scene nowadays.

Lets RAWK!

MOARRR: You are one of the most active mashup producers, when you’ve started it and how many mashups you’ve made??
DJ SCHMOLLI: First and foremost I have been a live musician for many years before I got interested in mashups and production in general. I did my first mashups in 2000 and 2001 but I lost my interest due to other musical projects I have been involved with at that time. In 2005 I rediscovered mashups and since then I am addicted I guess. I’ve released over 250 tracks throughout the years. The success of my mashup productions then led to DJing and in 2008 I decided to end my career as a live musician and focus on DJing only.

MOARRR: There must be many crazy stories from all these years, what were the most memorable moments related to mashups?
DJ SCHMOLLI: Well I had some amazing DJ gigs in the last couple of years that came along with many great stories, probably too hard to pick just one. Also some of these stories may put other DJs in a different light haha. Anyways, what I really like about producing mashups is when you get some feedback or even support from the original artists. Sometimes a simple retweet makes me happy, like the one of MOARRR fav Jess Mills for instance. Sometimes much bigger things happen, like once when David Guetta was invited at BBC Radio 1 and the show’s host Chris Moyles played one of my mashup to him, “Titanum 500” (David Guetta ft. Sia vs. The Proclaimers). Millions of people were listening and David really seemed to like my mix. This came pretty much by surprise as this mashups has been out for many months already at that time. But of course it’s better to get some props late than never. ;)

MOARRR: What do you think about the current situation of the mashup scene?
DJ SCHMOLLI: It’s difficult to say, I guess stalemate is the proper word for the situation in the last couple of months. Mashups have been moving more and more towards the mainstream. Which is a good thing as you do not need to explain to people what a mashup is, they know the deal. The effect of going more mainstream is that more people try to profile themselves as mashup artists/DJs. What many of those young producers don’t understand is that a mashup should be about combining different genres, different decades etc. Recently the web has been flooded with mainstream pop vs. mainstream pop mashups, multi-mashups were producers combine 20 or more chart tunes into one or tracks where they mix one EDM track with another. Needless to say that most of these tracks are rather boring. So on the one hand mashups becoming more popular helps me a lot to get more gigs and to gain my fan numbers. On the other hand producers nowadays seem to think in mainstream patterns which leads to a lack of creativity in their outputs in my opinion. Some producers get way too much attention I think, but that’s a whole other story.

MOARRR: Tell us about your selection…
DJ SCHMOLLI: The selection consists of pretty much all the music I listen to, from rather mainstream dance songs like the latest Zedd tune to alternative rock by Deap Vally to a bunch of breakbeat remixes, as well as some mashups. Even some DnB, trap and a waltz haha. Due to my wide taste in music the complete playlist may appeal to the least of the listeners but I hope they’ll hear some things that are new to them which they like.

MOARRR: What’s next for DJ Schmolli?
DJ SCHMOLLI: Like always I have the release schedule for the next couple of weeks pretty much done and ready. I won’t give away everything but here will be some really rocking stuff on an album compilation by themashup.org which drops Monday, October 21st, also I am planning to release something special for Halloween. In November I’m going to release a dubstep mashup with the vocals of Jefferson Starship’s “Somebody To Love” plus a special thing I like to call “Dancefloor Weapons Week”, a whole week dedicated to unreleased mashups that were done for live purposes in the first place. Check my Facebook and website for further details then. That’s also the place where you will find the dates for my upcoming shows.

MOARRR: Complete the sentence:  I want MOARRR … because …
DJ SCHMOLLI: I want MOARRR liberation from the current copyright laws. Simply because it’s about time and also it would help me a lot with the mashup thing I’m doing. ;)

01 DJ Schmolli - Soho Bankrobber Of Fire
02 Elton John - Rocket Man (Groovefunkel New Fuse Remix)
03 Chase & Status - International (Skrillex Remix)
04 Deap Vally - Lies
05 Janelle Monáe - Dance Apocalyptic
06 Gesaffelstein - Hate or Glory
07 Zedd - Stay the Night
08 Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Dancefloor Champion
09 Lorde - Royals (Chuck Wild Bootleg Remix)
10 Leftboy - Get It Right
11 Tundra (Jewelz & Scott Sparks More Cowbell Edit)
12 Bob Marley + The Wailers - I Shot The Sheriff (Roni Size Remix)
13 A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts - TrickaTechnology (2013 Remix)
15 Skeewiff - Morgenblätter
16 Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)
17 White Panda - Under Treasure
18 Bastille - Pompeii (Breaking News Remix)
19 Perry 13 - Feel the Umbrella
20 DJs From Mars vs. DJ Schmolli - Are You Gonna Change The Way You Kiss Me

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