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even MOARRR is our new weekly compilation series.
We post a new episode on MOARRR every Friday, compiled by different producers, DJs we love.

They collect their current TOP 20 tracks for you, plus answer few questions about this and that. In other words, this is the soundtrack of your weekend.

This week’s even MOARRR was compiled by Xinobi. He is not only one of our fave DJs, producers and Instagrammers, but also the co-founder of one of our fave labels, Discotexas

Listen his fine selection above, and read our interview with hime bellow, about Shinobi/the videogame, Instagram, the sound of Portugal and many moarrr….

MOARRR: It’s a cliche, but we must ask, does your name has anything to do with the legendary videogame series, Shinobi?

XINOBI: Yeap, it was my favorite arcade game, alongside with Out Run and Robocop. But only Shinobi and Out Run I got to be able to finish with only one singluar coin. I knew each step I had to do by watching the guys playing before me. Good times to be a kid, the 80s. I would also spend some of the lunch ticket money on arcade and go for some sandwich on the school bar instead. Cheaper but not as healthy…

MOARRR: We love to watch your Instagram feed. Do you have anything to do with fine arts? Cos your photos are not just the ordinary ‘here is my lunch at backstage’ type of things.

XINOBI: Ahaha. First of all, Instagram is one of the finest sharing platforms ever invented. It kind of destroyed the magic of developing a film but… who cares? Most stuff is digital nowadays and even if film has a magical aura and a unique texture, it’s kind of difficult to use it in real life, when you need immediate things to happen. I attended photography classes while I was studying fine arts in the university. To add any filter to a single image would be so painful and frustrating at times. I don’t know if my instagram photos have an artistic edge or not, but I definitely try to go further than the regular picture topics, being through the image composition or by glueing personality to the whole thing. I always loved the process of taking and composing pictures, and I always hated the slow process of developing the shots, so this is paradise-ish, even it a lot of magic’s gone. And I can’t wait for a super Hi-Res Insta.

MOARRR: There are always hotspots in the world of music, just think about the Scandinavian disco, French house, or even the current Australian wave. What do you think, is there a certain Portuguese sound right now? Cos we have a feeling like that… Buraka Som Sistema, Moullinex, Voxels, Xinobi quite a fine line up

XINOBI: It’s kind of hard to say “portuguese have this sound” because nowadays we’re pretty much universal. Although we might all have a latin groove or mental shuffle, in the very end the sound is global. I think in the past, before the “Internets” Portugal had a sound. There was this big hint on Tribal House sounds flavoured with supra dark elements. By then Underground Sound of Lisbon (USL) ruled around and we’re getting a great name around the globe. Legendary Danny Tegnalia kind of adopted them. I was young by then, too young, so I kind of learn this thought magazines. Then, I guess, Undergound Sound of Lisbon split up and both guys went solo. Rui da Silva and Dj Vibe started successful solo careers. Kaos records was the most important epicentre of all the relevant names USL, Dj Jiggy, To Ricciardi, Paul Jays, A. Paul, Luis Leite… this was on the early 90’s. I think by sometime the portuguese sound went too formulaic and, consequently, lost it’s edge. Not sure. Others just went full commercial House and I think they did it for the bucks.

But nowadays, even if it’s hard to categorize - which’s also posititve as we get relevancy by being ecletic instead of redundant, we have really strong things going on. The dance music edged projects you mentioned, plus Mirror People, Social Disco Club, Mr. Mitsuhirato, Photonz, Da Chick, Throes + The Shine, Orelha Negra… And then Indie bands are getting a new outstanding flow. Hip Hop’s big and healthy again… I could be namedropping a lot… Portugal breeds good universal music.

MOARRR: Tell us about your label, Discotexas. What is the concept and what are the fortcoming releases.

XINOBI: Discotexas, nowadays, is done by 3 people. Me, Mr. Mitsuhirato and Moullinex. The concept, I would say, stands the same: Releasing music you like done by people you get inspired by. Take it as much as possible as a family. I mean, our meetings are and excuse to have great dinners and vice-versa. ahah.
We’re up for a lot of releases now. Just after the Pic Nic II compilation, that featured some freshly released songs of our catalogue plus some unreleased stuff, we got the new Justin Faust Ep - “Space Rhumba”. We’ll be releasing, finally, a Moullinex release. We’re so proud of it. It will be on vinyl and it features his track “to Be Clear” with remix from RAC, Kraak n’ Smaak, and Zimmer.

MOARRR: What’s next for Xinobi?

XINOBI: I’m working on several releases and some really important remixes. I’ve been like a rat in the studio, not sleeping at all. So we’ll have an EP with remixes for PUMA and Woods, an Ep called “35” on Nurvous. I’m very excited about this one because I think it really is idiosyncratic. And I have a lot of demos for an Album. I have to find time to finish all this as I’ve been busy playing around and, again, not sleeping that much. You can find me in the next months:

11 Oct - Ministerium, Lisbon, PT
17 Oct - Jameson Urban Routes, Music Box, Lisbon, PT
18 Oct - Discotexas Night x ADE - Club Nyx, Amsterdam NL
07 Nov - Rhodesia, Mexico City, MX
08 Nov - Pua, Queretaro, MX
09 Nov - Chupiteria La Favorita, Guadalajara, MX
15 Nov - Schooner at Sunset, Los Angeles, US
16 Nov - Ltora Cuatro Brazos, Bogotá
22 Nov - Q Club, St Petersburg, RU
30 Nov - Mexefest, Lisbon, PT
07 Dec - Café du Park, Pau, FR
14 Dec -Discotexas Night - Paris, Wanderlust FR

MOARRR: Complete the sentence: I want MOARRR … because …

XINOBI: … I can’t find my way to bed. ;D


01 Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)
02 Katermukke - Animal Trainer / Dragon Games
03 The Field - Black Sea
04 Karmon - No Illusion
05 Kris Menace & Anthony Atcherley - Days Like These
06 Jay West & Manuel Sahagun - Slow Down Baby (Mercury Remix)
07 PillowTalk - We All Have Rhythm
08 Chapel Club - Wordy (Psychemagik Remix)
09 Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Xinobi Rework)
10 Betoko - Dark Side Of My Mind
11 Justin Faust - Space Rhumba
12 Luca Lozano - The Mask One
13 Portishead - Roads (Him_Self_Her Remix)
14 Martina Topley Bird ft Mark Lanegan & Warpaint - Crystalised (Agoria Remix)
15 Agoria - Scala
16 Maya Jane Coles - No Stick
17 Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont ft Malin - Safe With You (Marcus Marr unsafe remix)
18 AUS - Esperanto Juggler
19 Cut Copy - Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau Remix)
20 Yousef & The Angel - Float Away (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

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