Cabaret Voltaire - Drinking Gasoline 

Drinking Gasoline is an EP, released on Virgin Records in 1985 by Cabaret Voltaire as 2 x 12” singles, consisting of four songs from the “Gasoline in Your Eye” videocassette that had not been previously issued on vinyl. All known copies of the original UK pressing had labels on the wrong discs (i.e. side 1 label on side 3 disc, side 2 label on side 4 disc…) It peaked at #71 in the UK. [via Wikipedia

Sleepwalking is above and Kino is bellow.

Cash+David - Pulse 

Cash+David have today revealed the follow-up of Funn, the insistent, Eastern-inspired Pulse drops on June 9 through Cash+David’s own label +.

Cross DJ Free 

We already featured Cross DJ, and we still love it. This is the first really usable DJ app on Android, and we just stumble upon the brand new free version. Basically it has the same audio engine and interface as the PRO version, but some features like effects must been removed. You can unlock the features you need one by one or you can still get the full version since it’s awesome.

 Espresso VS Coffee glass by C’UP

 Espresso VS Coffee glass by C’UP

Mark E - Product Of Industry 

the one and only Mark E will drop his new Product Of Industry LP on  April 28 via Ghostly

dj panda by Typical Hope

dj panda by Typical Hope

album cover facepainting by Natalie Sharp 
this is what we call next level bodypainting

(EASTER Tuesday edition)

MIXTAPE MONDAYS by MOARRR is our new regular feature. It’s like Illegal Sunday, but with dj mixes. 

It’s a really huge dose of good vibes, more than 10 hours. Listen it all day, come back to it tomorrow or the day after. It’s your secret music stash for the week.

The rules are the same, we pick the best mixes from the recent days, but you can also SUBMIT YOURS HERE. All genres are welcome, but the mix has to be fresh and unique.

Xinobi - Puma (Remixes) 

Mirror People, Malente, Bufi and Moullinex made their versions of Puma and Woods taken from the last Xinobi release. 

Out now via Discotexas!