Melleefresh & Alixander III - My LIfe (Without You) (Michele Pinna Remix) 

Mellee and Alixander lll (Azari & III) connected at Dirty Louie’s in Koboconk, a truck ‘em up stop on the way to Vegas. He offered her a ride on his Harley and the next thing you know they were rolling the dice and chugging back Jagermeister and the songs and lyrics were once again flowing like peanut butter and ice cream! He left her there to hitchhike home alone…BASTARD! The results, My Life (Without You) 

To celebrate the release Mellee compiled a TOP11 Summer Tracks playlist for us , and we give it to you right bellow with her personal comments for each tune.

Top 11 Summer Tracks from Melleefresh 

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Factory Floor - How You Say (Invisible Conga People Remix) 

we already showed you the original and Gunnar Haslam’s remix, now we give you two moarrr remixes, courtesy of Invisible Conga People and  Daniel Avery

Factory Floor - How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)

Roland Tings - Floating on a Salt Lake [download XLR8R] 

head over to XLR8R and grab this spaced out jam! floating never been this groovy before

Mickey - Sweet Baby 

Mickey is back on Exploited, with this sweet baby

Double take

One creative dad recreates album covers with his two sons.

You never have to go anywhere without your banana ever again…

Banana holder by Biken

M185 - Soon 

the adventures of the legendary Big Muff

so Jesus went to IKEA…

so Jesus went to IKEA…

Cabaret Voltaire - Drinking Gasoline 

Drinking Gasoline is an EP, released on Virgin Records in 1985 by Cabaret Voltaire as 2 x 12” singles, consisting of four songs from the “Gasoline in Your Eye” videocassette that had not been previously issued on vinyl. All known copies of the original UK pressing had labels on the wrong discs (i.e. side 1 label on side 3 disc, side 2 label on side 4 disc…) It peaked at #71 in the UK. [via Wikipedia

Sleepwalking is above and Kino is bellow.