Hercules & Love Affair - I Try To Talk To You 

John Grant joins Hercules & Love Affair for their new single I Try To Talk To You, taken from the forthcoming album The Feast Of The Broken Heart, released on the 26th May.

Bobby Tank - Undone 

Bobby Tank is back and his new single, Undone, will be released via MofoHifi on May 12th

The Young Punx - 10:40 To Interlaken 

As the Punx said : - In classical music this would probably be called a ‘tone poem’ - a piece of music designed to evoke the mood of moment in time and space. In this case it is the memory of an idyllic train journey through Switzerland that we took a couple of years ago between 2 gigs. We have yodeling folk choirs, clanging bells, semi-ironic ‘euro’ synth sounds, and most of all the intricate fascinating cross rhythms that you get as trains rattle along the rails. You know how train sounds always NEARLY make a sensible groove but there is always one extra beat every other bar, or two different elements going out of sync with each other etc. I’ve tried to capture that kind of feel with all the different percussion and musical elements usually running in different time signatures at the same time, so they run across each other, going in and out of sync. So it’s music about the pulse of a railway network, and about the wonder that comes of getting up in the morning to travel through a new and magical landscape. The visuals / video for the music were made by our long time visual collaborator Han Hoogerbrugge, given a free hand to do whatever he wanted creatively to respond to the music. In this case he chose to capture the magical train journey influence using footage taken from a camera mounted on a model train driving through a fantastical model landscape, but abstracting it using kaleidoscopic filters in aftereffects to make it a surreal study in symmetry and patterns, linked to the work he did on our previous track GIRLS LIKE DISCO. This track comes from our 2014 album All These Things Are Gone, and is linked to the album’s theme both in that it uses an ancient and little known folk music as its sonic inspiration (a ‘thing that is gone’!) and in that it is specifically about the feeling of memories for a past golden moment. -

Isis Salam feat. Kruse & Nuernberg - Let Go (Alixander III Remix) [mp3 Facebook] 

this is what friendship for, Alixander III, from Azari & III, made a boombastic remix for Isis Salam

Duck Sauce - NRG 

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