TCTS - Trust 

pure fire

The vocoder—part military technology, part musical instrument—has had quite a history. In The New Yorker’s new Object of Interest video, we explore the vocoder in settings ranging from the Second World War to Kraftwerk parties, featuring interviews with Laurie Anderson, Cozmo D, Dave Tompkins, and Frank Gentges. 

Jax Jones - Go Deep 

it’s never too late to have a bucket list


Starring Den Kamenev and Max Bergh

Written and Directed by Edward Housden 
Produced by Nicholas Sherry 
Cinematography by Ariel Kleiman

Louis La Roche - The Way She Makes Me Feel [mp3 SoundCloud] 

LLR is back with two EP’s and an album ready for release.

Dusty Cassette EP is a concept piece, playing respect to the late 1980’s. The 5-track release is a time capsule in sound, warm retro synths and funky guitars remind the listener of a time forgotten.

Gritty and rough around the edges, the EP sounds like an 80’s cassette ahead of it’s time. To celebrate, Louis is giving away an exclusive sixth track The Way She Makes Me Feel

Dusty Cassette EP is out on Ever After Records August 19th (Bandcamp) and September 16th (iTunes).

SuperSlicer for TRAKTOR DJ

as we told you already TRAKTOR DJ 1.5 update is out now, and this is the übercool SuperSlicer mode we mentioned

not funny, not funny at all

not funny, not funny at all