we agree…

we agree…

The Nancy Whang Casablanca Reworks [buy Beatport]

This is hot, and probably the hottest release of the season. The singer of LCD Soundsystem went to the studio with some of the most intersting producers of today’s electronic scene: Audiojack, The Revenge, Drop Out Orchestra, Etienne De Crecy, Bonar Bradberry (PBR Streetgang). Together they reworked 4 big songs from the magic Casablanca Records catalogue: Donna Summer (Working the Midnight Shift), Dennis Parker (Like an Eagle), Parliament (Flashlight) and Kiss (I Was Made For Loving You).

Intergalactix x The Killbirds - My Name Is Simon 

holy shit, that was weird: an extraordinary kid rock star (and complete with bikinis & tons of rock & roll antics)

Stunning and mysterious black and white photography by Ben Ali Ong.

Chris Coco - Riviera [buy Bandcamp] 

This is the first in an ongoing series of tracks that got away, music that hasn’t been released by a record label and tracks that have only appeared at some point on a compilation somewhere and are not readily available. This tune was made as a special for Glass Coffee, resident DJ at Singita Miracle Beach in Fregene, Italy. It works well for sunsets and general lounging.

La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation Vol 4 [download page

some say late summer is the best summer


MIXTAPE MONDAYS by MOARRR is our quest to help you to find the best DJ mixes. It’s like Illegal Sunday, but with dj mixes, mixtapes, recordings of live DJ sets. We compile them to a handy playlist, so you can share it and find it easily.

It’s a really huge dose of good vibes, more than 10 hours. Listen it all day, come back to it tomorrow or the day after. It’s your secret music stash for the week.

The rules are the same, we pick the best mixes from the recent days, but you can also SUBMIT YOURS HERE. All genres are welcome, but the mix has to be fresh and unique.